A comment on the coaching

Laviolette is killing me. Yeah I know the team has 10 PPG, but two games after the food poisoning affair, Arvidsson, THE TEAM’S LEADING GOAL SCORER, spends not one second on the power play while stiffs like Ribeiro, Wilson and even (for now) the goalless Neal, Johansen and Forsberg all get to waste valuable time on ice doing nothing. Fiala and Arvy should be getting PP time because they are the hot hands (and feet) willing to do what it takes to put the puck in the net. This is why he got shitcanned in Philly. He doesn’t make adjustments to accommodate “the hot hand”. Ribeiro will be out there ’til he’s 65 slowing things up and wasting my time. Poile will eventually have to admit Ryan Johansson is NOT a 30 goal scorer, just getting flukey lucky on a completely inept Columbus team where SOMEONE had to score SOMETIME. FREE ARVIDSSON. FREE FIALA. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!


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